Abstract Expressionist
New York City is Marjorie Law's spiritual home because she was born and brought up there.   At an early age, she visited New York’s world class museums, zoos, and parks; she became enamored with art, ancient history, and the natural sciences.   She has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and parts of Asia and the Middle East to see great art and go to historical sites.   She often goes to New York City and other urban centers to keep abreast of contemporary art trends.

Law went to nursing school in Florida.   Upon graduation, she received the Nursing Award for Clinical and Academic Excellence and became a Registered Nurse.   After moving to California's bay area, she worked as a surgical nurse in the operating rooms of local hospitals, including Stanford.   She believes that her medical studies and time in surgery, viewing pulsating organs, contributed to her love of the curvilinear and biomorphic shapes that appear in her art.

Marjorie Law studied ancient history and graduated, magna cum laude, with a BA in history from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont.   After many years of taking studio arts, print making and art history at local colleges, she became an M.F.A. candidate at John F. Kennedy University, in Berkeley, for two and a half years.

Early retirement from nursing allowed her to become a full-time artist.   However, she remains tremendously interested in medicine and history and continuously attends lectures and classes at Stanford University in order to expand and augment her knowledge.   She firmly believes that lifelong learning is a necessary component in her life.   It informs her art because it opens the door to new perspectives, creativity, exploration and experimentation.   It helps her NOT to develop a recognizable style which, eventually, becomes predictable, repetitive, boring and static; a crutch.   Rather, she wants her art to be fresh and new and alive.

Law has a large studio where she paints almost daily.   She frequently enters juried local, national, and international art competitions.   She has been in many solo and group exhibitions in venues such as:   The San Jose Museum of Art, the Art Museum of Los Gatos, the Peninsula Museum of Art, the Coastal Art Museum, and California Fine Art at the California State Fair.   Her paintings are on permanent display at the new Kaiser Medical Center in San Jose.

Hang Gallery, based in San Francisco, represented her in its Palo Alto Gallery.   She was a member of Gallery House in Palo Alto, and was represented by Branner Spangenberg Gallery in Redwood City.   Under the latter’s sponsorship, her name was listed in
Art in America Guide.   At present, she is a member of Gallery24 in Los Gatos.  She is currently part of abstract7 (, a collective of seven professional abstract artists who exhibit their work, as a group, in art venues across the bay area.   Marjorie Law has a website,, where you may view selected images of her art.